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Individual Sessions

Each treatment session lasts from 15 to 60 minutes depending on your actual health status. Less is more when it comes Bowen treatments. As your general health improves you will be able to bear more. You should feel an improvement after our 3rd session.

Couple and Parent/Child Sessions

For couples trying for babies, the Bowen Technique looks to balance body and soul. By releasing the parasympathetic stressors your body will be able to return to its optimal function, and so helping couples to conceive. Since children's health often is linked to their relationship with their mother, I treat mother and child together.

Office Visits/Employee Benefits/Sport Teams

I do office visits for employers offering treatments as employee benefits. The Bowen Technique is incredibly relaxing and its health benefits will improve productivity. It helps musculoskeletal problems, sleep problems, problems related to stress, and sports injuries. It is possible to treat 1-4 people simultaneously allowing a price efficient solution for sport teams and employers.



Dental Technicion

After spinal surgery for multiple sceleteral diseases including osteoarthritis, I tried all conventional treatment with little or no success. Andrea's treatments gradually transformed my body. I live now with so much less pain.



Migraines gone. I am so happy.

Thank you, Andrea



Worked magic with my tennis elbow, and also relieved me of many underlying aches and pains. A wonderful option for anyone doing sports, leading active lives, and looking for that extra sense of vitality. 


Commecial Director

I had serious sleeping problems for 4 years. Literally I was exhausted. Andrea treated me 2 times only and I can sleep now like a baby.

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